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Premier Elite Training Systems

PSTS offers Private Training Sessions in a Group Training Environment! Train with PSTS and play for any team you like.

Premier Skillz Training Systems in association with Lyford Cay International School, Windsor Prep, and Albany High School, (known as PSTS) has created the  best football training program in the Bahamas. Around 150 children in the Bahamas will benefit from professional training opportunities as well as outlets for competition and college exposure in USA and Europe. 

Premier Skillz Training Systems will also be in place in several other Caribbean Countries for the 2018-2019 season including opportunities in Trinidad, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, and Antigua and Barbados.This is one of the biggest things to ever happen to Bahamian Youth Football.

What lays ahead with Premier Skillz?

The PSTS (Premier Skillz Training System) is designed to integrate kids on the island from all different schools and different walks of life while supporting the needs and calendar of Lyford Cay International School, Windsor, and Albany. Potentially PSTS will serve well over 300 kids in the Caribbean Countries. This training system is aimed at developing talent with an emphasis on offering these players opportunities to be ‘identified’ by colleges and professional outlets. The concept is to find, train, and develop talented players that wouldn’t normally be identified or spotted in the Caribbean. In the future we hope the training we provide will help to create opportunities for potential schooling scholarships for football in the USA and Europe. Our curriculums are built around creating the child, not just the athlete, with social, mental and physical development.

We are providing the best in Professional technical and tactical functional training, International trips, Professional Guest Coaching Clinics, Camps, Team Training, One on One Training, and much more.

How can you help?

You have the potential to change a child's life! We have opportunities with FIVE different levels of sponsorship, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. These sponsorships will help provide scholarship training for a Bahamian chid whom may otherwise not have the opportunity to play.

 You can choose to come in at whatever level you think is appropriate.We know that PSTS will become the Premier Training System in the Bahamas and Caribbean. Without your support the PSTS opportunities will be much harder to achieve and that’s why we are asking you to consider donating. Thank you kindly for your time in considering. You may contact us at: